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    Default Strange Gmail account recovery process/problem?

    Hi all,

    My email client is Thunderbird v78.4.3 running on Windows 7.

    About every 10 days my Gmail account flies south for the winter. The password that worked successfully during those 10 days then throws a Google "could not connect" error message - about every 10 seconds. The reference to my Gmail account in Thunderbird > Options > Passwords had also vanished.

    I went through the Gmail restore account process with a new strong 25 character password and was up and running again.

    When I checked again in Thunderbird > Options > Passwords Google accounts had inserted their own approx 100 character password in the Gmail slot.

    I've been watching this many-occasioned process repeat itself in a 10 day cycle, going from a working to not working Gmail login.

    Sure would appreciate any input from the experts here.

    PS: I'm fairly sure this Gmail account has not been hacked as all traffic references in Gmail point to my account, but I'm not an expert in this department.

    Thank you!
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