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Thread: Good Point

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    Quote Originally Posted by gary67 View Post
    Which if you study the picture properly is what it shows being done.
    the pic shows them three wide across the road.
    also the law says that they must be in single file if there is traffic behind them.

    they are arrogant nut jobs that use the excuse of "if you hit us we will be injured/killed so you will be in big trouble, therefore we can do what we like and you have to keep out of our way".
    btw most tourists on bikes ride single file and are great. its just the locals that cop an attitude.
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    I was a member of the cycle folk from mid 2017 till this time last year when my Dr. told me I had to give up as I kept falling off. I found that most of the old farts respected other people and rode in single file. That's here in Napier anyway.

    It's the lycra clad, young to middle aged ones that are a pain here. Think they own the road and lots of them ride 2 & 3 wide!


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    As an oldie I was educated under the rules of “Self Preservation” and how to take the right option in Risk Management.

    I guess that is why I’m still here, and have never worn a “High Vis Vest” “Steel capped Boots” or “Hard Hat” etc. etc.

    What’s more, none of my staff or any of the oppositions ever had an accident that I know of.

    But HERE's one for you, the Cyclists and The Tauranga City Council want to turn the main access to the Port of Tauranga into a cycleway, instead of a Port Access Way.

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    Husband used to cycle race when young. Their club did training rides a lot in Waitakere, they went hell fast...insanely sometimes, but not really alongside each other. He would comment on that when he saw several out on the road like's common sense, and common sense is missing in most cases of disaster...whether on the road or online.

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    As a runner all my life I am rather jaundiced towards these big packs of cyclists who hog the road
    I think those packs are there for "social be seen" "purposes.- a gentle ride and finish as a group at a café.
    A friend refers to such packs as "a corporate thing."
    The genuine fitness cyclists tend to be individuals or 2 or 3 together and they ride hard -for fitness purposes.
    Please note I generally approve of cycle lanes and do not support aggressive motorists who are totally intolerant of cyclists.
    I should also like to see e Scooter riders made to use cycle lanes.

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