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    Default Re: Locked out of Windows. Login Screen changed from PIN to Password. Headache!!!

    End of the day I deleted the partition on C Drive (the Intel 660P M.2 NVMe SSD) and installed W10 Prox64 20H2 build 19042.572 because the drive wouldn't boot. I did that today at 1:00PM
    because I had had enough headbanging and decided to start afresh with clean install W10. All was done by 1:20pm.
    Now I will tell you why I went the way I chose.
    After getting access to the W10 on the Intel SSD and finding a lot of missing folders/files on desktop and in Docs/Videos/Pictures, unable to do a Syst Restore because there were none, a game I played had lost all progress and I was a cadet Sniper with basic hardware and skills.
    I decided to find a full backup Macrium 7 .mrimg I had made a few of in earlier months, I found three and used the one with the latest date (6/08/20) to recover the installed W10 OS to an earlier time. Unbelievably, I ended up with the sign-in for the W10 I have on the Samsung Evo 860 SSD.
    It must have been an image I had made of the Samsung drive before I wiped it back in August.
    I did the recovery again and ended up with two identical Systems, one on the Samsung the other on the Intel. All the partitions were exactly the same for both.
    To access the drives my MS accounts were a different gmail account but the same PIN that I had set up when installing W10 to them. The Intel drive now was the gmail and PIN for the Samsung.
    Then I discovered early today that to use the MS Office 2019 I had to register/sign-in using my MS account and password. Whoops. I thinking..... MS Passwords again huh. I had only installed MSOffice to the Intel Drive, it was the drive I have used for 3+ years.
    Then,... the fan almost stopped spinning because it was fast getting clogged with stuff.
    I reconnected the Samsung SSD, set it to be First boot in UEFI BIOS and used it. (The Intel SSD was still in the computer)
    I was again having to do the DDU Shuffle to get the AMD RX580 drivers uninstalled/reinstalled to get Dual Display, on both Hard drives.
    Finally, the computer would not boot the Intel drive, 3 times, I made sure it was set to be First Boot and when computer was restarted I got the instruction onscreen to Restart device and use a device with an OS on it.
    When it eventually refused to boot the Intel W10 with only that SSD connected to the computer: I decided its a goner!
    Connected the Samsung and comp booted. Used Easeus Partition Master 12 to wipe the Intel SSD Clean.
    Went to burn the W10 ISO I had DL'd to a 32GB USB drive, it wouldn't. I had wiped the USB of data (the W10 I had DL'd 2 days earlier) I needed the drive to burn PCUnlocker to it to get the Intel drive unlocked.
    The USB couldn't be written to, I tried formatting it, no would do, Rufus couldn't write to it..... Checked it in Easeus and the thing had been made into a GPT drive! I used the DiskPart clean commands to make the USB usable.
    Rufus-Burned the W10 ISO to the USB drive, Easeus obliterated the Intel Partition, created an NTFS Primary 512GB Drive, rebooted, set UEFI BIOS to boot from USB. Only thing I had to do after clicking to Install was delete the NTFS Partition of the Intel SSD I had created om Easeus. I deleted it and left it Unallocated space, set the ball rolling and job done in 10-15 mins
    Then it was all Hi...getting things ready, the Setting up etc. etc. and then along came Mary "Create an MS Account".... okay, I entered the gmail account I had used before when I first installed to the Intel SSD, and then it asked for a Password.
    I tried the one I know and its the same as that for the gmail sign in on the Samsung and it hit me "Incorrect" appeared onscreen. Been down this road before..... clicked the Back tab, entered the gmail account and password that's on the Samsung and Bob's ya uncle. In like the robber's dog Also, I created a PIN and I am now using that to sign-in.
    Updates were installed and notifications of upgrading me to the Latest Edge Browser....
    I had to Activate the new install of W10, dunno why, W10 has been on this computer and activated... maybe because it wasn't a Rolled out upgrade/update to a newer Build of that which was/is installed: it is a NEW install of a Newer OS.
    Long way to go yet. Fresh install is best but takes time, been here done this before.
    I will leave the Samsung SSD disconnected, so there can be no cross-contamination of Boot systems... done that before when I had W7 and W10 dual booted. I was using Sata HDD's at the time and had the 2 Os's on its own HDD. They became hybrid. I may well wipe the 500GB Samsung SSD thus having storage space for docs/pics/downloads, Programs and Games install.
    That's about it
    Have a nice day and thanks for the advice and guidence. Much appreciated.
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