Hi, we got one of those charcoal smoker griller machines as they thought it was would be less work than maintaining bottle gas and cheaper. We got a packet of Samba 5kg Coconut Charcoal Briquettes from Bunnings. We also have a chimney starter, we start it fine and there are flames coming from it and we pour it into the charcoal smoker griller. We pour the charcoal bits into one side only so it is piled up like a pyramid but soon the flames goes away and they only glow red. The thermostat on the lid says it's 100 degrees celcius only, yep or around the 200 fahrenheit mark.

We have also sprinkle sugar to the charcoal and we added more charcoal there and we added newspaper which they flamed up but once the flames went off the charcoals still only glow in a red colour and the temperature drops back to 100.

What am I doing wrong?


Edit. Yep we open the door underneath and on top of the lid we open the air hole in full.