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Thats VERY low spec.
A SINGLE Core CPU (2 thread)
Not really enough RAM for Win10 .

just my opinion
If it was me , I wouldnt put any money into it.
At the very least you'll want more RAM and a SSD . Some of those cheapies have a max of 2Gb RAM (Hopeless)
Youre cluctching at straws it you want that thing to run fast .

I bought a 14" i5 with 4GB notebook for $120 a year or so ago , then spent $120ish on an SSD & used ram to give me a descent spec'ed Notebook , dirt cheap.
Thanks 1101 for your reply. Where did you procure the notebook and SSD for that dirt cheap price? What is the degree of computing expertise needed to merge the SSD and notebook into the fast notebook? Ph.D needed or just the average personís knowledge of computing?