This is just my opinion. If yours is different I am good with that.

There are currently around one billion devices around the world running the Win 10 operating system.
99.5% of those devices do so without problem. That in itself is quite remarkable considering the majority of users are exactly that, users rather than expert computer nerds.

The 0.5%, or about 5 million users, that do have problems make a lot of noise. The happy ones on the other hand do not so it is very easy to get the impression that things are far worse than they really are.

Most people either figure out how to fix a problem or obtain expert advice to sort it for them. Problems are usually easy to fix once you know how.

Those advising a move to Linux are quite deluded if they think Linux will suit everyone. Linux users usually are fairly expert computer users and know how to get things to work as they wish. Also my experience would indicate that there are just as many problems with Linux as there are with Win 10.