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    Question Problems with Dell Inspiron i7 5000 series

    I have a few problems with the above laptop running Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3 & Windows 10 Pro 2040.

    1] The earphone socket is damaged, so I am using a 'creative' USB sound card. Works well on all the USB-A sockets, but no signal on the USB-C socket. USB-C works for everything else, but no sound. No sound when using a USB-C adapter with phones plugged into it.

    2] Screen has to be set at maximum brightness, Poms still have sun tans! Can improve the colour, but no brighter.

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    Default Re: Problems with Dell Inspiron i7 5000 series

    1. May be the adaptor

    From another site:
    Do USB Type C earphones work on any phone with a Type C port?

    Nope. And there's the problem. There are two different ways to deliver a USB Type-C headphone or earbud. The digital way, the way that's compatible with any USB Type-C port is to include a USB 2.0 Audio chip in the cable or headset.

    Edited: Something worth Reading

    2. Dual Booting ? And are the graphics the same on both OS's?

    Unless its a hardware problem, its a bit harder, Both OS's use different drivers, totally different systems. What works on one more than likely wont work on the Other.

    Could be like one of my workshop Computers, runs W10 Perfectly fine, same PC install mint 20 and everything turns to crap, earlier versions like 18.3 are fine.
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    Default Re: Problems with Dell Inspiron i7 5000 series

    So far as the sound goes, I will remove the back & fix the plug, probably a bad connection, or an insect or something. It works sometimes, is at the moment.
    I think Mint 18.3 is the best, Mint 20 is a work in progress, lots of software compatibility issues. Also some software that used to be free will not run on it.

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    Default Re: Problems with Dell Inspiron i7 5000 series

    Hi, problems should be from your dual system that uses different versions and types of drivers!

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