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    Question Virtualbox usb & hard drive sharing

    I have never been able to get Virtualbox, in Linux (Mint), to support USB, or share a drive partition. Extension tools have been installed.
    Vmware does both, but is a pig to install. Does anyone know how to rectify this?

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    Default Re: Virtualbox usb & hard drive sharing

    Full Details, have you done the vboxuser Action ?? Scroll down the page till you find it. ( under Install the Extension Pack Section)

    Don't know if this will help re the Shared Folders

    Might need one of the very quiet Linux experts
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    Default Re: Virtualbox usb & hard drive sharing

    Well, I can't help much really as I haven't used Virtualbox for years. I don't know why some people using Linux keep posting for Linux help on this forum when so few people here use Linux. Isn't it more logical to try the Linux Mint forum or just a general Google search with relevant key words?

    There is a complete section of the Mint forum dedicated to Virtualization:

    From there I found a thread that might help:
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