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We lived in the polystyrene you threw out of the box so you could move in,
Haha, don't joke. They DO use polystyrene you know. Husband did some work on these new build terrace things in Waitakere, he had to drill through the outside one time, got his hole saw out, started it up, and it went through like a hot knife into butter. It was plastered polystyrene!!

We are watching the builds going up down the road, they';'re quite good actually, MSD builds....they are 2 story, admittedly 7 on the section but not joined. And they are actually weatherboard - well I think, could be Linea but it sure looks like weatherboard.

Compared to the Kiwibuild ones round the corner from those, when they were craned in, I thought they were offices, prefab things. Nope they're homes.
Talked to a lady who was hired to help landscape and do various bits, she was not impressed with the quality, told me all sorts of things about the crap materials and quick and dirty "landscaping" they did.

And then they blame the builders....sigh.
if you hire a builder and make him use cardboard, is it his fault when it comes apart?

Back of us the slumlord craned in 2 shacks, literally....he bought. we watched, hopefully as the builders ripped it apart...then watched them reclad in ply. They were not complimentary about his materials and other things he had done to them.

They are in the process of being painted black too...painters not too thrilled either. I did point out pink would bother me , black is OK considering don't own it (we get a good view of the rear most one).