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Thread: HDD or SSD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent_24 View Post
    SSDs are fast but the more they are used, the shorter the data retention... A well worn SSD can have your data evaporate in a matter of years.

    HDDs are cheaper and better for long term storage, but are obviously slower.

    In any case you should have at least
    2 physically separate backups of anything really important.
    Yeah when SSD's fail they usually do it in style, one minute going next Dead. Just had a customers whose SSD Failed, thankfully he had only just done a backup the previous day As well as having all the important data backed up on line automatically. Cant beat auto backups

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    Quote Originally Posted by bevy121 View Post
    15.36 TB Seagate Nytro - with pricing to match!
    That's mad...who buys them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by piroska View Post
    That's mad...who buys them?
    Large businesses with enough money, and the desire for that kind of storage, I expect.
    Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready.

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    Hi! it depends from your wife's activity, if she is using laptop for personal use and don't stock a lot of information then an SSD is better, because it is faster and I recomend from Samsung one or Kingston, but if she has a lot of information to stock then HDD is cheaper and better, recomend from WesternDigital (WD).

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