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Thread: Needed VIT D

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenj View Post
    That's what I'm on John, plus another called Risedronate, also for bone density loss.

    Terrible idea.
    You know we all lose bone density as we age?
    It's become a thing to think this is an illness and must be "cured".

    It's vicious stuff.
    Long term use actually leads to fractures, albeit in certain locations....and is also known to cause osteonecrosis of the jaw.


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    Thanks Dr. Google


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    Quote Originally Posted by piroska View Post
    Risk factors

    Having naturally very dark skin. This includes people from Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Middle East.
    Your skin not being regularly exposed to sunlight, eg:
    avoiding the sun because you have a high risk of skin cancer or are on photosensitising medications (these are medicines that make your skin more sensitive to the sun your pharmacist or doctor will have advised you)
    regularly wearing clothing that covers a lot of your skin (eg, veils or other clothing covering your legs, arms and face), or
    not going outside.
    If you live in the South Island (especially south of Nelson-Marlborough) and get little time outdoors in the middle of the day between May and August, you may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency in spring. You may wish to consider taking vitamin D tablets from May to August.
    If you have liver or kidney disease, or are on certain medications that affect vitamin D levels, you may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency.

    However.......see a GP. Overdose can cause nausea and vomiting, weakness, and frequent urination. Vitamin D toxicity might progress to bone pain and kidney problems, such as the formation of calcium stones.
    That is a greta idea you know. I am hear to hear responses from peple. Yes It is difficult to store now, what do you usally have on the table?

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    Interesting recent article about Vit D. I didn't realise how important it is for a range of issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNum View Post
    Are vitamin D supplements needed if individuals are not exposed to sunlight due to lockdowns? Any Ideas?
    Vitamin D is also inversely related to the sleep hormone melatonin. This makes sense, because, if we are getting our vitamin D naturally with help from the sun, we are synthesizing it during the day. So it's usually better to take vitamin D supplements in the morning.

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    Be sure to take Magnesium with Vit D. Also Vitamin K2.

    Magnesium will regulate levels of vitamin D, which in turn manages the levels of other minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. It also improves bone strength and possibly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
    Magnesium raises levels of vitamin D in people who need more of that substance and lowers levels among those who have an excess amount of the vitamin in their system.

    The Reddit group 'Supplements' has a lot of info on Vit D (+ Mg and K2).

    I have been prescribed mega dose capsules from my GP.

    Do NOT get Magnesium Oxide as it is not bioavailble. A chelate form of Mg or Mg Malate or Mg Citrate will be good.

    Mg has made a big difference on me getting a good sleep at night - when I wake up in the night I can go back to sleep. If you take too much Mg it may be a laxative and/or make you feel tired in the morning.
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    Sure, you can buy them from any drug store, these are drugs that are dissolving in water and they have Vitamin D, Zinc and other minerals that our organism use!

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