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    Question Cleaning out fans on overheating laptop

    I have a Lenovo P50 laptop, which apparently has self-cleaning fans. When I try to find official instructions on how to clean them the word is they won't need cleaning... not much help

    I live in the desert, literally (cactus plants, rattlesnakes, etc.), so it can be very hot and it's VERY dusty (a fine dust that simply gets everywhere!). And so my fans have filled up with dust, from what I can see, and when it's hot outside (and hotter inside) my laptop does a hard/instant power off without warning. I'm picking it's overheating as it only does it when the outdoor temps are over about 33C, which currently is every day (hottest season is Autumn here 🤷🏻*♂️). We have no AC so indoor temps are often same or hotter...

    So any suggestions on how to clean out the fans on a P50? I found details on how to get to them to clean them properly, but that involves dismantling the entire laptop (remove keyboard, drives, RAM, screen...) which I don't want to do, so I'm thinking vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust (probably not a good idea...) or a quick blow from a can of compressed air (which I don't have and is hard to find here, but I could obtain if I needed to). Or maybe there are other options I'm not aware of?

    What is my best option, and are the others OK to try, or should I ovoid any (I'm looking at you vacuum cleaner!). I'm especially keen to hear from people with Lenovo P50 or similar if any have experience

    what are you doing looking in here?

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    Default Re: Cleaning out fans on overheating laptop

    Then use the vacuum. Leave the laptop plugged into power but switched off. It's earthed then.
    Or the compressed air. But really, doing it properly means taking it apart.

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    Default Re: Cleaning out fans on overheating laptop

    Be very careful, so you dont damage the fan .
    As above , it needs to be taken apart. The dust in the fan needs to be BRUSHED off .
    The heatsink also needs to be cleaned , that will sometimes be more clogged than the fan.

    I wouldnt use compressed ait on something as delacate as a a laptop fan , unless you know what you are doing & can stop the sfan being spun up from compressed air
    You might be able to clean the heatsink with thin wire while sucking with a vac , on some laptops that can be done without taking covers off .
    It wont be a very thorough clean unless you take it apart

    Overheating could also be the fan starting to fail, not spinning fast enough , or video chip issues (faulting as it heats up) .

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