It gets worse all the time.

Story 1:
Lady changes to Orcon power....they come out and change meter.
Power usage immediately starts climbing at around $1000 a day.
She emails them. A lot.
She rings a couple of times, each time she gets a new problem ticket.
So instead of escalating it to A)Management or better yet B)Power Disputes she waits and goes to fair go.

Story 2:
Couple are out on holiday, some problem (unspecified) occurs and Dunedin garage charges them $315 to change spark plugs.
They end up back home and unspecified problem occurs and they have to go to local Gore garage who says something like Dunedin gave them the wrong spark plugs and they are carbonated (oh shock horror) and they must keep car overnight. Gore then charges them $600.

So the story is about Dunedin the terrible lot who wouldn't pay their $600 extra cost to Gore garage.

I don't know, I'd be complaining about both. $315 is bad enough but $600? Even if the things were $60 each....sheesh.