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    Default Re: Bad update Google Chrome

    Quote Originally Posted by B.M. View Post
    What a beautifully orchestrated sales pitch.

    Is that your work or Microsoft's?

    As for overlooking

    I’m sorry, but the answer is stick with Firefox!
    Its not a sales pitch. If you actually looked you would see its FACT, been happening for a long time. Already said no ones trying to make you use it, that's your own twisted thinking, so look in the mirror - You'll see the problem

    Firefox ?? Well that's your choice of course, but again if you look you will see that Firefox has dropped down the most popular Browser in the World. Chrome is 65.99% where as FF is at 4.09% (as of August 2020)

    NOW think about it --- Edge is Based on Chrome -- So how does that Help MS in the Browsers. I Wont wait for a actual logical answer because I doubt you can work it out.

    Changing to FF because Chrome is having a problem its only a temp workaround. Why not fix the actual Problem.

    God help you when your Linux plays up - going by your thinking I guess moving to Apple then are you

    Whats actually disappointing (but not surprising) is all the Lack of help for this Linux /Chrome Problem.

    Personally not going to even try to help, to busy recovering a huge amount of data from a toasted Linux Server OS, the RAID going south has really buggered things. Care to help ?? 4 x 4 TB drives set in RAID 10 all gone AWOL.
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