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Thread: Haka in NZ

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    Default Haka in NZ

    I really want to see a Haka while in NZ. We will be going to the Auckland are they going to have any rugby tournament anytime soon?

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    Default Re: Haka in NZ

    If you want to see it done correctly, meaning a Rugby game is Ok but in actual full native dress have a read - some options. BUT with this covid there will be changes s may pay to call ahead and make inquiry's as to what's available.

    Another good read
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    Default Re: Haka in NZ

    There are more maori dances than just the haka.
    No idea why the rugby team would pick one about a guy hiding from enemies....rather er....chicken isn't it?

    Imagine them doing it in English, how embarrassing.

    Anyway you can see these things on youtube too.

    Or just go to Rotorua and attend a maori function for tourists, plenty of dances, and possibly even that one.

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    Default Re: Haka in NZ

    I do not know if club/school rugby still performs a haka before their match but you may have luck seeing it during a frosty Saturday morning.

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    Default Re: Haka in NZ

    A haka at rugby will be a yawn when viewed from the spectator area. The TV will give you far better coverage.
    Agree that Rotorua would likely be your best option, and best yet if done indoors, on a wooden stage, where the flooring acts like a drum to amplify the power of the stomping.

    I've often wondered if there should be an area within International Arrivals where people can wander in for a dose of culture offered with each arriving plane... at least it would give folks one glimpse of the culture. It's all but invisible in normal day to day life here.

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    Default Re: Haka in NZ

    I ma not pretty much sure if they are still performing these days!

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    Default Re: Haka in NZ

    Yes that is correct! let's us just hope for the bets to come.

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