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    Default Problems with brand new Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Laptop

    15 Sept i bought from PB Tech a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad E15 -Intel I7 Win 10 Pro 16gb Ram 512 SSD Wifi 6 .
    I have had lots of issues so far. When I bought it I installed all the Windows updates including Edge 2004 (had come with 19090.
    Some problem s e.g. Start Menu -slides down and i have to press Ctrl key and then drag side bar back to program i want. -sometimes do not have to do this.
    Web sites e.g. MS community - select using down arrow in drop down box -will flash up names then revert to arrow without allowing me to select the relevant option.
    I exported my Outlook pst file from a back up HDD -many items e.g. categories ,contacts and tasks missing.(I notice the file now shows as IMAP ost) I plugged in my external DVD drive but it would not play DVDs even though WMV and region 4 (operate fine on old laptop. I have deliberately not downloaded many of my old programmes because i wanted to get new laptop working properly first.

    Today i finally contacted PB Tech Support by phone. (some onsite services down because of Covid). The response re remote DVD playing was try another programme e.g VlLC Media Player.
    I did tonight -plays DVDs but has sound level issues.
    The staff member also suggested i do a factory reset.
    I am rather reluctant to do that as I am extremely busy and it took hours to install all subsequent Windows Security updates that had occurred after what was on the new laptop
    Comments please
    Have i just got the "lemon "of a batch.? I see a review from someone who bought same model 5 days after me and they expressed delight.

    I had chosen this model because of its high specs. I have also made a point of installing all the Updates from Lenovo


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    Default Re: Problems with brand new Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Laptop

    Wow! I wouldn't hesitate and return it under warranty. No need to put up with the problems. It should work perfectly out of the box. Get another and ask them to test it before you accept it.

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    Default Re: Problems with brand new Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Laptop

    1st thought is a bad image. What happens is when the manufactures build computers they drop on a their own pre-prepared image with all their own software and non default addons , sometimes they don't always go on correctly. Doing a reset sometimes doesn't solve it if the actual image is damaged.

    Unlike doing your own install, manufactures don't do 1 at a time, manufactures do hundreds.

    Since its been like that from the start, PB Tech should really sort it with their own images or straight install. BUT from what I hear PB Tech aren't exactly to good when it comes to warranty work (or in other words doing what they really should be doing to sort a problem).

    Have actually seen complete batches of Laptops needing reinstalling due to faulty Images from the manufacture. Had several model from HP once - in the end HP sent me new Recovery DVD's to do them myself free of charge.

    In the past when that's happened (and its very few and far between) I actually make a Disk image first, wipe the drive clean and install a generic Install, then if it still plays up (again hardly ever) then drop the original back and do a RMA (Warranty- Replace).

    To answer the other Problems -- DVD Playback - Windows 10 doesn't have a default DVD player Software - hasn't for years as its a licensing's issue that couldn't come to an agreement, that's why you need to install another player.

    The Email -- if you have IMAP setup, which you will if its a OST file, all you do is fire up the email after filling in the details and it will sync to the online one. If Importing a PST file, that's quite common for the contacts/ Calendar not to export, you have to do them as a separate action.

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