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    Default Re: You Tube: They must have a very big hard drive

    If watching on a smart TV ads will interrupt anything you watch (apart from short videos).

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    Default Re: You Tube: They must have a very big hard drive

    You've probably got uBlockOrigin on your browser if you follow the advice on this forum and that is why you are seeing no ads.
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    Default Re: You Tube: They must have a very big hard drive

    Quote Originally Posted by bevy121 View Post
    500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

    5 billion videos watched each day

    Annual cost to run YouTube is $6.35 billion

    Revenue from YouTube ads came to $4.7 billion in the fourth quarter, up 31% year over year.

    (that's 4th quarter 2019 and other stats are from April 2019 - bevy )

    So much for the "It can't be from advertising" statement!
    Wow! That is YouTube man! What Social Media can earn and do today.

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    Default Re: You Tube: They must have a very big hard drive

    I find these points rather interesting:

    YouTube needs more than a petabyte of new storage every single day. Spinning hard disk drives are the primary storage medium due to their low costs and reliability.

    SSD Solid State Drives are more performant than the spinning disks as they are semi-conductor based but large-scale use of SSDs is not economical. They are pretty expensive also tend to gradually lose data over time. That makes them not so suitable for archival data storage.
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