Hi everyone, I have a bit of a conundrum, and would really appreciate your assistance please.

So... I have an older laptop that originally came with Windows 7. It is an ASUS K73TA and 8GB DRAM and an AMD processor and built in graphics card (A6-3400M & Radeon HD 6520G), which seems to also be known as an A73T. It also has dual HDD's and a DVD writer.

It was offered the upgrades to windows 8 and 10, which I passed on at the time. Once Windows 7 came to end of life, I checked the specs, found it was compatible, and did a clean install. I've upgraded the chipset driver, which was only upgraded by AMD to Windows 8.1, and also swapped for an SSD.

Issues: Occasionally likes to throw a hissyfit with a slow start; windows does not recognise the second hard drive, or the optical drive (although both are visible in BIOS, and the second drive occasionally comes up in disk management as an uninitialised drive - I've swapped the drive with another to get the same result). I have managed to get it to recognise the second hard drive once, upon installing the chipset driver, unfortunately it disappeared again.

I've attempted the steps to have the laptop 'see' the drives, like updating the drivers, deleting the IDE/Sata drivers to have them reinstall. No success, and the only way I can get the optical drive driver is removing the drive itself in order to find the model. I cannot locate disassembly manual, there is nothing similar on youtube.

So I took it to a shop recommended by a friend in IT, their opinion was that AMD were rubbish and I should sell it ASAP as it will die soon. Well mate, it's given me six years of faultless service, and I would like to continue using it for a few more, so off you trot!

AMD tech support have said they don't have drivers, and ASUS said initially it may take windows 10, but have since suggested that I upgrade to windows 8.1 instead.

So, from here: do I leave as is with Windows 10, which is working (kinda/mostly), persevere with trying to get the hardware going (is there a driver or something I am missing?), or step back to Windows 8.1, in which everything theoretically should work? Your thoughts are appreciated, and thank you for reading