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Good question! I'd already paid upfront - sorry, I should have written that correctly - I signed for receipt of it at the end.

Tech has written it off, I can demand a revisit which will cost more, I know I'm not getting a refund.
The tech may have been correct though, it may be that its simply isnt 100% win10 compatible .
Given its age & actual value : The tech had 2 choices, spend possibly nonchargeable HOURS trying to get it to work 100% on Win10 , and possibly failing after all that time, or just say its unsupported & doesnt work with Win10 .

I would just load Win8.1 on it , as thats supported.
8.1 isnt that bad , if running on an SSD . You can even get the start menu back (on 8.1) with various addons .