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Well thats brilliant Advise -- NOT.

Older AMD's and some makes /models can give more troubles than Intel, in fact got a Old AMD here, kept dropping a Graphic Driver so just disabled the AMD drivers and adjusted the update setting so it wouldn't download them again and run on the windows basics, cant really tell the difference. Cant complain as I was given the Laptop for free.

With older hardware you just have to fiddle sometimes to make it work with a newer OS as the manufactures only create / support drivers upto a certain point in time.

Being the age it is you don't want to go throwing money at it, the life expectancy of a laptop if you look it up is 5 years, so anything after that you are doing well, of course it all depends on several factors as to how long they last.
True, I didn't like the advice, plan on ignoring it, and smiled through gritted teeth as I paid for the 'service' - total waste of time and money IMO.

I have gotten a good run out of the laptop, 2013 and counting, and with no visible wear, it is in great nick (To be fair, it's kinda my fault lol - I have a bunch of old tech - Note 4, Note 10.1, a six year old laptop, and don't even ask me how many CD players I have!). Using the AMD chipset driver got me a much better start up time, (less than 30 seconds as opposed to 2-3 minutes), what has me scratching my head is the drivers for the second drive and optical drive - I mean, they are generic windows drivers anyway, and work across 7/8/10 right?