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    Default Win 10 Pro v Win 10 Home

    Can someone please give a simple explanation as to the difference between these versions. After 10 years my CHP Compaq 610 (which has Win `10 Pro v 2004) is in death throes so I have been searching for a new 15.6"laptop. More than 50% of those viewed Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, and PB Tech advertise Win 10 Home and 8gb ram. The explanation I was given was not very clear as to the difference between versions other than Pro is more suited to business use.I am looking favourably on a Lenovo Thiinkpad E15 -Intel I7 Wifi 6 and 16gb ram with Win 10 Pro.
    Comments are appreciated FYI until this week's search I had never heard of Wifi Ac or Wifi 6. I now know about USB C


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    Default Re: Win 10 Pro v Win 10 Home

    The basics are the same. While Professional has more features and yes is designed more for Business usage, it also has a lot more options to give you full control over many aspects that the cut down home doesn't have. For example you can change completely the updates, and many other items in GPO (Group Policy) where as Home doesn't have the options.

    If you have the choice of Home or Professional - get Pro.

    Had one the the other day, they had a weird networked printer problem, I knew how to fix it but The Home didn't have GPO or Print management, where as Professional did.

    To see all the options MS have a list, scroll down the page to see all.

    Then there's the new Windows 10 S mode ( some manufactures have it set to this) -- That's the very 1st thing I disable and convert it over to Home.

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    Default Re: Win 10 Pro v Win 10 Home

    Many thanks for your helpful comments,Wainui

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    Default Re: Win 10 Pro v Win 10 Home

    Quote Originally Posted by Neil F View Post
    Many thanks for your helpful comments,Wainui
    Another way to look at it is
    Win10 PRO machines are sometimes of a higher quality than Win10 Home machines .

    The reality with home vs pro : its just MS charging business's more . MS love to add on licensing costs for business's (to the point of it being a rip off ) .
    Win Home isnt licensed for business use .

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