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    I have a Samsung Xpress M2625D printer and every time I print is prints landscape with 2 rows. I went in and put the printer on Portrait but that didn't work? I re install the driver and that didn't work, I uninstall and re install the drivers and that didn't work. It did work in Word and now it doesn't and can't figure out why?

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    Is Word on Landscape? It might be using the application settings, not the printers.

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    1st step

    control panel, devices & printers , printer proterties : test print
    If 'test print' comes out wrong it will be a driver issue (usually) , or a config issue in the driver setup
    Check in device settings & preferences in the driver settings

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    Sounds like you have a "two pages per sheet" option set somewhere.

    Note that reinstalling your drivers may not necessarily reset the settings. These may be saved in registry somewhere and never get removed on uninstall. Lots of programs leave leftover crap in the registry.

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