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    I have a Samsung android tablet and I am unable to access my google account. The password is correct but when I enter it the tablet goes to checking info but no further, the circle continues going round and round. It has been suggested I delete and re-enter the google account but I am reluctant to do this as I am concerned that I will lose all my emails and email contacts. Your help is appreciated.
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    Your emails should remain available in your Google account and so should your contacts (as long as it's not saved locally to the Tablet only).

    Login to your account via a browser etc and validate your credentials are correct and that your contacts/emails exist. Once you have that you should be able to remove the account and then add it back.


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    You've made a mistake in your User Name or Password, try logging in using another browser as suggested above and make sure you have the correct info.

    The mistake could be a space somewhere in the login, ie at the beginning, or an erroneous Capital letter.
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    Got data / internet enabled on that phone?

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