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    Default PC mouse/keyboard lag

    Hi all,

    Over the last couple of weeks input devices on my PC have started lagging. Not all the time and not often, but very strongly when they do. Keystrokes not registering, cursor movement seconds behind where it should be and moving in slow motion, etc.
    Occasionally both my keyboard and mouse both fail to respond completely.

    On a much smaller sample size of time used, I have not had this issue with a second (wired) keyboard. I'm planning on getting a wired mouse and running with a full wired setup for a while to test, however this isn't ideal as this will involve either buying relatively pricey accessories or having wrist pain

    I've tried replacing the batteries in both my mouse and keyboard and uninstalling the drivers. My mouse/keyboard are the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic ones. Nothing in my PC setup or around the room has changed since this has started happening.

    As I'm typing this, the wiresless mouse input is lagging but the wired keyboard is not, so I'm reasonably comfident it is down to the input system.

    Any advice or areas to look into would be very appreciated,

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    Default Re: PC mouse/keyboard lag

    The usual problem if not batteries is system Lag. The fact a wired keyboard is working Fine but wireless doesn't is a big hint. You would find if you used a USB Mouse as well that very possibly wont lag. Could also be drivers need updating.

    Have a read of the Following

    Might also want to have a read of the replies on MS Site, and what the guy found the problem was :

    And just to add in more reading

    Basically can be caused by many things, you just have to go through one at a time and see what works and what doesn't.

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    Default Re: PC mouse/keyboard lag

    Go with the pricey option and buy them.

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    Default Re: PC mouse/keyboard lag

    My guess is random power source like a microwave, taxi transmitter close to house, wifi modem too close to computer, cordless phone too close to computer.
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    Default Re: PC mouse/keyboard lag

    Or in my setup the little Logitech USB receiver was faulty. Swapped it out for a new one I had and all the problems went away.

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    Default Re: PC mouse/keyboard lag

    Thanks all. I'll try working through a couple of the suggestions I haven't tried and seeing if that makes a difference. Of course, it hasn't done it since I made this post, so go figure

    Edit - one more thing comes to mind which is possibly importance. Sometimes the keyboard/mouse will stop responding completely, almost as if the computer stops seeing them. This isn't when the computer has been left unattended or has gone to sleep - it will happen during use.

    When this happens, and without unplugging and replugging the wireless adaptor, plugging in a wired keyboard will cause the wireless ones to start working again.
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