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    Nope, I have adjusted the laser output for a CD and then the laser output for a DVD (setting the maximum current to each of the lasers to prolong life) in the same player as part of the setup procedure.

    They are separate systems on players I have serviced. They are in tandem on the moveable player laser head. Pretty sure it's a different type/freq of laser for CD's and DVD's.

    I have often seen faulty players where the CD player will work but the DVD player won't or vice-versa depending on whether the owner has played DVD's predominately or CD's the corresponding lasers will go what is known as "soft" in the trade.

    You can really notice the "soft" effect in multiple CD players, they go faulty very fast.
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    I don't think you talking about having 2 laser assemblies? Because this is what people thought when wondering how dvd players could read cds and never considered it at component level. The reason dvd players could read cds is a lot simpler in that the lens needs to be focused and a different diode is used to create a different kind of beam (also different diodes used for burning CDs/DVDs). I think you are talking about the diodes because adjusting the strength of these can help when things aren't reading. If you are talking about 2 different assemblies, then this I have no come across.

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