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    Default Death Notices

    Friend died yesterday so I thought I'd do a notice.
    They won't let me, I have to either have a main notice appear in THEIR paper first, or provide funeral director details.

    When my dad died I was able to and mine wasn't the main notice then either. He had no funeral director, a friend collected him and took him off to be cremated. No-one attended that, there was a private thing later on, with just the religious friends.

    Well I tried, I guess she doesn't see the notice anyway, so I can't.

    Goodbye Cathy........

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    Default Re: Death Notices

    Makes sense, otherwise one might find all kind of idiots for whatever nefarious reasons best known only to themselves, inserting false notices.
    I have very high hopes that seriousness is a reversible condition.

    Dr Lester Levy

    I've studied deeply in the philosophies and religions, but cheerfulness kept breaking through.

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