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    Default Unwanted repeated backslash problem.

    I am having a problem when entering text, whether a text box online, word doc, login, search, anyplace where I'm entering text, the system will suddenly start entering backslashes (/) and run on until I press the control or shift key. I have found I can then delete all of the slashes (unless they are still running out of control). Once they stop, I can continue typing but then it will arbitrarily start doing it again. I think I recall this beginning less than a week ago when an update had come in. Oh dear - that would be about July 26th - SEE NEXT couple of sentences.
    There have been no security alerts and security tells me everything is up to date. I have a new (two months) HP All in one 19 -r0xx ; 64 bit operating system, with the latest updates KB4052623 failing to install on July 26 - this was for Wns Defender antivirus antimalware platform. No idea why this didn't install. Can anyone help please. I have done a bit of reading about this problem on Microsoft community and opinions are so varied as to the cause from being a Trojan virus to the keyboard requiring some "stroking!" it was too much for me to take in. Hopefully someone can please help here. I decided I would wait to hear back from here before trying a system restore or reset, etc. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Unwanted repeated backslash problem.

    1st thing - Try another keyboard, a high percentage of the time its a key sticking.

    Sometimes you can pop off the key and clean out under them, other times not, sometimes the keystroke circuit is damaged and not worth trying to repair the KB. Trying another keyboard will instantly tell you if its the KB or the Computer.

    Another thing you can try just for the hell of it, in search Type in Keyboard - open the onscreen KB, click in anything you want to type, then click the / key. You should get only 1 /

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    Default Re: Unwanted repeated backslash problem.

    Hardware failure. New keyboard....

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