Hi Lads and Ladies,

Having a slight issue with a HP dv6 I was given a few weeks back now.

Was all working sweet a month ago. Left it sitting for that time period to order a new battery as the original wasnt holding charge. Went to fire it up the other day and nothing.

Tried 2 known working AC adaptors
Tried both batteries
Removed/reseated RAM/ HD/ CMOS battery.

Still nothing, no LED indicating power to motherboard. Tested voltage and getting 14v on the DC jack off the motherboard and 19V on the AC adapter.

I see this is a common issue with the ol' DV6s.

Anyone out there that can suggest anything else before I go and reflow the solder joints?

Just seems funny it was working a month ago and now it's a paperweight.

If I've missed anything so let me know

Cheers !!