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    Default Printers, laser or not

    This might be helpful.

    This ranks them at cost per page. All of them.

    You can filter by ink or laser...or leave it to rank the lot.

    Of course the best are rather expensive...but you don't need to go down far to get reasonable buy cost and good nmber of pages...and low cost for consumables.

    Very handy.

    Mines pretty good, but I will use this next time, easier than doing it all by hand the way I always used...(select potential model, check number of pages + cost of consumable)

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    Default Re: Printers, laser or not

    Mines pretty good for a cheap Brother colour laser. Its quite old so don't run Brother toners any more so that makes it even cheaper. It is used several times a week when SWMBO is working from home for her son

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    Default Re: Printers, laser or not

    Gosh, that's really interesting.


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    Default Re: Printers, laser or not

    Yes, I also like to cái cá cược when I ti‡n cho vi blackjack onlnie.

    Very fun.

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    Default Re: Printers, laser or not

    I think you are wrong there.

    It should be Đ™i chấp thua tất cả s‘ tiền nếu như thắng m™t

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