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    Default Benefits of a 4k monitor

    No question here, just a comment!

    After tossing up for a while, I finally pulled the trigger and moved from a 1080p monitor to a 4k one. All I can say is wow! I can't imagine going back to anything worse, I'm still amazed by just how crisp text looks.

    All in all, a worthy upgrade.

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    Default Re: Benefits of a 4k monitor

    It's fantastic isn't it?

    The only hard part is that when you go back to 1080p on anything bigger than 17" the lack of crispness suddenly becomes really apparant.

    Thank god Microsoft did a good job with display scaling in Win 10!

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    Default Re: Benefits of a 4k monitor

    Enjoy your movies and games in 4k, surly it has to be amazing how everything looks.

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