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    Cool Re: Modem that can limit upload speeds on the WiFi?

    Quote Originally Posted by linw View Post
    Lock yourself away!!!
    We did! Happy with the result. Previously when limiting the WiFi to 5Mbp/s we were getting around 50ms and the occasional lag spike and sometimes frozen for a few seconds. It's hard to know why because there are so many devices on the WiFi.

    With the new AP we can now limit the download to 5Mbp/s and specifically the upload to 0.4Mbp/s and now we have had no issues at all! Pretty stoked. Our ping was sitting around 35ms which is close to what it is when the WiFi is completely disabled. We can now game in the evening without having to interrupt the kids movie time. No more freezing while in the middle of a firefight, then alt-tabbing from the game to log into the modem just to disable the WiFi, only to have kids knocking on the door wondering why the internet isn't working. Everyone can have their cake now

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    Default Re: Modem that can limit upload speeds on the WiFi?

    Just wondering, what did you get ?

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    Default Re: Modem that can limit upload speeds on the WiFi?

    Another +1 for the Unifi range. I ended up going full circle and moving everything to Unifi- Gateway, Switches, WiFi APs and Cameras.

    The integration is really nice, and what's even nicer is being able to run and store everything locally without some 3rd party cloud service. The only thing cloud about Unifi is a secure connection to allow my devices outside of the LAN to connect to the Controller and Unifi Protect. It's nice knowing that I still have control of all of my data.

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    Default Re: Modem that can limit upload speeds on the WiFi?

    if you modem support dual bands ie 2.4 and 5G put the kids on the 2.4 and you use the 5G
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