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Thread: Buzzing Issues

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    Default Buzzing Issues

    Iíve been having an issue with my PC buzzing and freezing.

    The computer has
    Asus TUF B360 Pro Gaming Wi-Fi Motherboard
    3 Gighertz Intel Core i7-9700
    2 x 8 Gig Ballistix DDR 4 RAM
    Samsung SSD 970 EVO plus ITB drive (as C Drive)
    2 x Hard Drives
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
    Windows 10 2004 Ė but issue started before 2004 version installed.
    650 watt power supply
    No DVD drive

    After a reboot the computer will often work normally for about an hour and then buzzing noise start and become progressively worse, rebooting will typically fix it again for a while.

    Iíve plugged another PC into the same connections and run it without any issues, suggesting it is inside the box.

    Iíve reinstalled windows and updated all drivers.

    Ran the Samsung Magician and it says the SSD is fine.

    Ran windows memory diagnostic on the RAM and no issues.

    Checked all connections inside the case.

    Any thoughts on what to try next?

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    Default Re: Buzzing Issues

    Check the power supply.

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    Default Re: Buzzing Issues

    With the side off the case, use the Computer, when it starts to buzz, get down close and listen as to where its coming from, may seem like its coming from different locations but usually easy to track down when careful.

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    Default Re: Buzzing Issues

    Sounds like a fan bearing,CPU cooling fan or rear case or if you have a video card check the fan out

    Lube or replace it

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    Default Re: Buzzing Issues

    A good method to pin down the sound source is to get a short length of hose and use it as a "stethoscope".
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    Default Re: Buzzing Issues

    ditto Lawrence post. I've had this a couple of times and the noise has been
    caused by bearings of the graphics card fan. In fact, I am awaiting delivery
    of a replacement for this reason. Stop the fan with your finger and see if the
    noise goes away. Could be any other fan in the system.

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    Default Re: Buzzing Issues

    A cardboard tube from a paper towel roll or similar is another thing you can listen through to make your hearing more directional to help pin down the sound. Figuring out where it's coming from is probably a good start.

    Another thing you can do is get some temperature monitoring software and stress test the PC, if it's heat related that should prove it. I haven't done it in a couple years and my memory is dodgy, but I think maybe speedfan was the software I used for monitoring, and prime95 and furmark for the stress testing. I tend to run them both together to really stress out the PC as a burn in when I first build it as a worst possible case scenario. In your case though maybe just try furmark to begin with, it's more likely to be graphics than CPU and furmark also graphs the temps so it's all you need to stress test the graphics.
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    Default Re: Buzzing Issues

    Yeah, heat, or a fan, or a bad capacitor.
    When a fan goes noisy it also slows down due to going out of balance. Often just gently touching the centre of the spinning fan will temporarily correct the balance and eliminate the noise... makes for an immediate diagnosis if you can do it... video card fan, CPU fan, hopefully not a PSU fan.

    I once had HDDs failing diagnostics as a result of a nearby fan causing vibrations (back in the sad days of Maxtor drives... I still avoid that brand more than a decade later)

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    Default Re: Buzzing Issues

    Before I had chance to read these, last night I took out the power supply and checked connections, moved the SSD to the other M2 slot. For the rest of the night I had no issues at all but I left it computer running over night and back to buzzing this morning. CPU temperature is 31 but the load is spiking a lot, I don't know the significance of that.

    The videocard is easily the oldest component, everything else is essentially less than a year old and this issue developed and was not preset when the computer was first built.Thanks for pointers so far, any more insights appreciated. More things to try tonight, the fact it comes right for hours is the frustrating thing as you think you'd sorted it only to find out it is temporary.
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