Ok, so here's my problem.
Using a duplicate file finder I have discovered on a recently acquired drive about 56,000 files, mostly basically being 28,000 pairs of duplicates, though in some cases there are 3,4,5 duplicates.

What I want to do is to automatically delete all but one of each duplicate. I don't care which duplicate survives, so long as one does.

I've tried several different programs, and they all offer the abilty to tick all the files and then untick the ones to keep, and then delete the ticked ones.
When there's 20 files, no problem.
When there's 28,000, big problem.

Does anybody know of a program that will do this?

s u r e l y there must be one out there somewhere...
(I have searched this very forum, and have found similar, but not exact, questions/answers)