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Thread: LED bulbs

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    Well ours was the other way around. It was always on, not off in the daytime

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    The bulb that was changed was not the bulb in the night light it was the one in the hall ceiling and then the nightlight was always on and would not turn off when the replaced ceiling light bulb was switched on whereas it had worked as expected before with an incandescent bulb but since it was now an LED bulb it no longer works correctly.
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    Maybe the shape or style of the led can help, i.e the dispersion of the light. Corn style bulbs, and the no and size of each led embedded might make a difference. compared to a bulb style single led light. I know resistors are needed for some Honda rear led lights so same might apply here.
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    Is it a warm white or cool white LED? maybe the other type would work better. Or just a brighter one.
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