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    Default Re: How does it work?

    But, but they can't fly. Aviation experts have told us so.

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    Wasn't Bumble a cricket commentator?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tweak'e View Post
    absolutely. if i remember right they are meant to be about 10x more effective pollinator than honey bees.
    however from a pollination stand point they simply lack the huge numbers required for cost effective crop pollination.
    even at 400 bumbles to a nest (the large bumble hives are only 100 or so bumble bees), is no match for the typical 20,000 to 40,000 honeys bees per hive.
    Maybe, but I prefer Honey to Bumbles. There's already a surplus of bumbles at this QTH
    Entropy is not what
    it used to be.

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    Building Bumble Bee houses is fun

    "If Fawlty Towers is now being removed by the BBC then humour is dead. The puritans are winning because the establishment is weak and has no self confidence."

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