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    Quote Originally Posted by zqwerty View Post
    They're all so full of sh!t, full of bravado, thinking god's on their side and looking out for them, they have nothing to fear, pursuing money as if nothing else matters, just plain stupid in the end and getting cut down by a virus that is implacable and remorseless with no mercy just working on primitive rules that if you break them you will go down, a tiny nano-machine, not even alive, that uses the materials from the living cells of suitable organisms to make millions more of itself..

    Trump and lots of other leaders just wanting to keep the Stock Market looking good and in the end through their folly losing even more than they ever would have if they had just used their pea-brains and listened to the scientists and experts on virology.

    +1 ...... I was not surprised that one of the Evangelical ministers who promoted "don't worry, God will protect us" died of Covid 19. I shouldn't laugh really


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    Default Re: Keeping Things in Perspective

    I've found the problem.

    Global Warming is Mann made.
    The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B.M. View Post
    I've found the problem.

    The classic "do as I say, not as I do"

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    I have very high hopes that seriousness is a reversible condition.

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    Default Re: Keeping Things in Perspective

    The People (P): What is happening?
    Answer (A): A virus has come.

    P: Is it dangerous?
    A: Very dangerous. But not dangerous to most. It strikes the elderly most viciously.

    P: What should we do?
    A: Stay away from others. Stay inside.

    P: And then we wonít get the virus?
    A: Absolutely you will get it. Everyone will get it.

    P: Wait. No one told us this. Theyíre telling us to stay inside and we wonít get it.
    A: Well, Iím telling you now. Almost everyone will get it. Seventy percent of you, give or take. Think about it. Itís everywhere, and thereís no vaccine. But we want everyone to get it at different times. Like on a schedule of getting it. At least five million people already have it in the United States.

    P: Wait. Five million? Everyone says one million.
    A: Thatís the known, confirmed cases. We just started testing in earnest like, an hour ago. For every case we know, thereís five, 10, 50 that we donít know. Maybe they got it and were asymptomatic. Maybe they got sick but not sick enough to go the hospital or get tested. Five million is an extremely low estimate of how many cases there are. Itís probably more like 20 million.

    P: Twenty?
    A: Thatís good news! In a way. That means itís less deadly to most people than we thought. And it proves the inevitability of you getting it yourself. So stay inside till itís your turn to get it.

    P: How long should we stay inside?
    A: Iím thinking two months. No, three. Six? No, 12. Yes, 12!

    P: Then it will be gone?
    A: The virus? no. It could be 18 months till we get a vaccine. But by then youíll have already gotten it, so the date doesnít really matter. Especially given that the virus will come back double-strong in the fall.

    P: So itís less potent in the summer?
    A: Absolutely not. Who told you that?

    P: You just said itíll come back stronger in the fall. Which implies its power is dissipated in the summer.
    A: Are you a doctor? No? Good. The virus is everywhere, in every city and state, but weíre flattening the curve. Then itíll very likely come back with a vengeance in the fall. Winter, too.

    P: No oneís giving us this information.
    A: Well, you know how weíre stretching out the cases over a longer period of time? Flattening the curve? Weíre also flattening the truth. So just stay inside, and youíll be fine. Order stuff online. Support your local restaurant.

    A: But do so knowing that you are putting the lives of everyone at risk ó the cooks, the clerks, the delivery people. Iím actually a bit shocked by your selfishness and the cavalier way youíre sacrificing the lives of people who have no choice but to expose themselves to grave danger during a pandemic.

    P: It sounds like youíre saying we shouldnít order stuff to be delivered.
    A: You shouldnít. Unless you want local businesses to die.

    P: So we should support local businesses Ö

    A: Absolutely. While risking their workersí lives. Yes. Order food, eat it, watch the news about the pandemic that canít be stopped. So remember to exercise. Go for a run!

    P: Um. Many of the things you just said sound contradictory.
    A: Not at all. Iíll rephrase: Your kids are living through a crisis. Itís all right if they feel anxious, or if you canít maintain routines or keep up with regular school schedules. Just make sure they donít fall behind, and remember that kids thrive on routine. So stick to a schedule, but give them space, and stay inside, and go outside, and use technology to connect with teachers and friends, and limit screen time.

    P: Wait. So Ö
    A: But enjoy some downtime together! Relax and watch a movie. Cook some food! Just donít go to the stores, because thatís dangerous to everyone. Order in! But donít. Stay home. Move to the country. And stay in the city. If you get sick, go to the hospital. But donít get too sick, because you wouldnít want to be going to one of those hospitals now! Theyíre full of sick people!

    P: When did you say this would all end again?
    A: Eighteen months. That said, the soonest weíve ever come up with a vaccine was four years.

    P: But isnít the rate of death declining?
    A: Friday was one of the deadliest days yet! And thatís after everyoneís been inside for a month. Once everyone goes back to work, itíll probably go up significantly.

    P: So why are we easing restrictions?
    A: Something something the economy?

    A: Listen. People are fatigued. They want to go back to work. They want to shop.

    P: Why donít we just freeze the economy? Just close most businesses and have the government give everyone a living wage while we wait until thereís a vaccine?
    A: Hmm. ridiculous.
    OK. For starters, weíd need superadvanced ways to coordinate everyone. Weíd certainly need phones. Maybe email. We might even need spreadsheets and/or computers.

    P: Do we have all those things?
    A: I think we Ö might? But there are still so many questions. Like, how would we know who to give money to? Weíd have to have a national database with all the salaries of all the nationís workers.

    P: Donít we have that? Seems like we could get that.
    A: Hereís another plan: We promise money to pretty much every person and every business. We give this money to maybe half the people, and to a very small percentage of businesses. We let big banks control most of this money meant for small businesses, and the big banks can funnel it to their biggest clients.

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