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Thread: Printer Problem

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    For those who may be interested: 'Unlock Folder' program suggested on Bleeping Computer Forum.
    My last post: Result of running the prog:
    The 'Unlock Folder showed that folder to be unlocked but failed to delete it
    Tried 'delete on reboot' but that also failed and the folder still remains at 12.8GB in 'C'.
    However, upon trying the printer progs using my own account I now find them fully functional.
    That must be because I ran them using the 2nd user account yesterday and it was able to
    successfully complete the initial scan which it could not do using My own log-in name
    Having completed the scan the printer is now happy to perform fully for me and I no longer
    need to worry about that damned folder as it was only affecting the printer performance.
    Still bemused by that folder's presence and obstinate behaviour and may find an answer
    sometime but no longer concerned. Thanks again for you interest and input.

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    Default Re: Printer Problem

    Make sure you have an up to date backup
    Boot on Linux USB, I use FatDog 64 for this. Open the appropriate partition, right click on the Folder, select delete.

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