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    Default Stuff To Do

    Today I went to the museum.

    The Lourve is good, the London Museum also.

    And I went to Patagonia, Ireland and so on too.

    Virtual tours.....

    Rather good.

    Their is also the Mutter Museum, although not a virtual tour you can find photo collections on the net, that's really interesting, although a warning for the squeamish - it's a medical history museum... eww......syphilis.....

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    Default Re: Stuff To Do

    Artist friend of mine is painting pictures of Venice, he does know the place quite well as usually goes each year to paint. This year he is doing with a large monitor and Google maps street view.

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    Default Re: Stuff To Do

    Lady up the road went round their house and put a number starting at 1 on each wall. Then she told her artistic husband to go and learn how to paint by numbers. He couldn't understand why I was laughing at him.


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    Stuff to do,. Put jokes on PF1

    Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem.

    I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I'm cracking a safe.

    I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator.

    Still haven't decided where to go for Easter ----- The Living Room or The Bedroom

    PSA: every few days try your jeans on just to make sure they fit. Pajamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom.

    Homeschooling is going well. 2 students suspended for fighting and 1 teacher fired for drinking on the job.

    I don't think anyone expected that when we changed the clocks we'd go from Standard Time to the Twilight Zone

    This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought her cat understood her. I came into my house, told my dog..... we laughed a lot.

    So, after this quarantine.....will the producers of My 600 Pound Life just find me or do I find them?

    Quarantine Day 5: Went to this restaurant called THE KITCHEN. You have to gather all the ingredients and make your own meal. I have no clue how this place is still in business.

    My body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant lately that when I pee it cleans the toilet.

    Day 5 of Homeschooling: One of these little monsters called in a bomb threat.

    I'm so excited --- it's time to take out the garbage. What should I wear?

    I hope the weather is good tomorrow for my trip to Puerto Backyarda. I'm getting tired of Los Livingroom.

    Classified Ad: Single man with toilet paper seeks woman with hand sanitizer for good clean fun.

    Day 6 of Homeschooling: My child just said "I hope I don't have the same teacher next year".... I'm offended.

    Better 6 feet apart than 6 feet under

    Be warned, there is a drink drive checkpoint in the hall by the kitchen door.
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    Default Re: Stuff To Do

    Good idea ken, Certainly not a absence of them, so with that in mind

    Just be careful because people are going crazy from being in lock down!
    Actually I've just been talking about this with the microwave and toaster while drinking coffee and all of us agreed that things are getting bad.
    I didn't mention anything to the washing machine as she puts a different spin on everything.
    Certainly not to the fridge as he is acting cold and distant.
    In the end the iron straightened me out as she said everything will be fine, no situation is too pressing.
    The hoover was very unsympathetic... told me to just suck it up, but the fan was more optimistic and hoped it would all soon blow over!
    The toilet looked a bit flushed when I asked its opinion and didn’t say anything but the door knob told me to get a grip.
    The front door said I was unhinged and so the curtains told me to ........yes, you guessed it.....pull myself together
    Update / Upgrades = Replace old bugs with new ones.

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    Default Re: Stuff To Do

    Your neighbour is concerned that your curtains are looking very drawn and your cat door was in a bit of a flap.
    Entropy is not what
    it used to be.

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