So for all those sitting back smugly on their full wages or 80%:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern marked April 6 as the first day when there could be signs that the "chain of Covid-19 transmission" has been broken.

If community transmission is continuing, or even becoming rampant, the lockdown will likely be extended.

Full time workers will receive $585 per week under the scheme.

The scheme will be in place for an initial 8 week period, at which point the Government will reassess based on the health situation at the time. The scheme will be available to all businesses in all sectors nationwide, and includes the self-employed and sole traders.

Eligible firms will be provided a lump sum payment of the equivalent of $585 per week per full-time employee and $350 per week per part time employee for 12 weeks up to a cap of $150,000 per employer.

the govt gives the business $7020 (12x $585).

For a full time worker, the wage subsidy will be a 12-week lump sum of $7029.60 paid to your employer. Your employer will then pay that to you on a weekly or agreed upon basis calculated on the above.

Does an employee need to pay tax on a wage subsidy payment?
Yes, they will as the subsidy is paid to the employer as part of their normal wages. This means it is subject to the usual PAYE, Student Loan, KiwiSaver deductions, etc.

Not all banks are doing a full mortgage holiday either, ANZ isn't, they do principal deferment only. I f your mortgage is old, great, if it's new though, the main part of your repayments are interest, so doesn't help much.

The $585, even before tax, is below minimum wage.
Although it's way more than the dole.

The dole is currently:

Single, 25+ years $218.98 q week after tax.