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    Question FTP Proxy Static IP service?

    Hi All,

    I need to use some form of static IP proxy to connect to various FTP servers that need to whitelist my IP. As my IP is not static, I want to void having the servers I connect to constantly update their IP whitelisting, so am after a static IP I can use as a proxy in my FTP client, allowing the various servers I connect with to only need to white-list the one static IP.

    Are there any premium FTP clients I can pay for that offer a static proxy? Or would I need to obtain a static proxy separately and just use any free FTP client that has proxy settings available?

    Much appreciated

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    Default Re: FTP Proxy Static IP service?

    Two options really;

    1) get a static ip address from your ISP

    2) use a dynamic dns service such as or etc.

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