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    Default Virus Transmission

    Just a thought.
    After we saw our community newspaper delivered today, and not observing wether the delivery persons were wearing gloves or not, I got to thinking, how many times is the likes of our mail, newspapers and other junk that finds it's way into our mail box, being handled by who knows how many people? Not wanting to seem to be over paranoid, But ?????????????????
    The postie did not appear to be gloved up yesterday.
    Lucky we do not receive mail from China or Italy.
    Can't help but think there are still a few gaps to be blocked.

    I know what I know, I don't know what I don't know.

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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    Good point!

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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    Our postie wasn't gloved today, the guy delivering the free weekly rag was.

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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    I fail to see how in the public domain the wearing of gloves can reduce
    the transmission of the virus. Lets face it, gloves are like a second skin
    upon which germs can be transported and deposited down the line.
    I wonder how many individuals apart from the delivery person have
    handled your land mail since leaving the sender.

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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    And supermarkets.

    The food is picked, packed and put on a truck.
    Truck delivers, supermarket staff stack shelves, people shop - one at a time or not, handles stuff. You shop, pack into trolley - put in car, go home, unpack, put stuff away.
    later you get stuff out and cook etc.

    I can think of 1000's of contact surfaces, if it was really a nasty illness, they would have no show at all.

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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    To lighten things up a bit, here is an oldie but a goody. Just name changes

    There were 5 passengers on a plane: Donald #Trump, Boris #Johnson, the Pope, Jacinda #Ardern (the NZ prime minister) and a schoolboy The captain announces that the engines have failed and that there’s only four parachutes for passengers.

    Donald Trump says, “I’m the cleverest man in America and my people need me to make America 🇺🇸 great again”, grabs a parachute and is out.

    Boris Johnson says, “My 🇬🇧 people need me to deliver Brexit”, grabs a parachute and is out.

    The Pope says, “I’m God’s messenger on earth. You two can f**k off”, grabs a parachute and is out.

    Jacinda Ardern picks up the last parachute ... ... gives it to the boy and says, “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Be kind and always do your best for others”.

    The boy gives it her back and says, “It’s ok Jacinda, there’s two parachutes left. The cleverest man in America took my satchel”.


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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    Honestly , we need to get a grip on reality

    Did we or did we not carry on as usual all the way up untill thurday
    How is getting stuff delivered today any worse than getting stuff delivered last 3 weeks

    You are not putting lives at risk by leaving the house for a bit, as some claim . (although best not to)

    The supermarket chemist etc are now the highest risk . As they were ALL LAST WEEK AS WELL .

    Hands up who refused deliveries , refused to go to the supermarket in the last 2 weeks.
    Now is the safest time in the last month , relax , dont panic :-)

    I may start going for walkies around the block ,I havnt done that in 20 years .

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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    What are your best practice ideas for opening smallish courier parcels. I'm expecting a couple of deliveries, should I just wipe disinfectant over the parcel, open and dispose, wipe over contents packaging, wash hands of course and maybe leave contents in the garage for a week or so. Feel I'm missing something.

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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    Sydney-based virologist Timothy Newsome has explained that while "every surface is a hazard" extreme measures aren't necessary.

    "You cannot get risk down to zero, but if you look at how people have got infected, they're not being infected through those kind of supply chains," he told

    "The actual transmission events that we have described are sustained in close contact between people. We didn't see the kinds of reduction in some of the countries that have been a bit more successful in managing the outbreaks if it was that level of contagious."

    He also said supermarkets had added measures to help prevent the spread of the virus, such as cashiers wearing gloves and sanitising equipment, all of which makes him confident visiting the supermarket is a "low risk environment".

    "It should be recognised the virus can survive on many surfaces quite stably, sometimes for a number of days. But really, the only surface it really doesn't like is copper, which is not very useful in our day-to-day life."

    Newsome, who is an associate professor at the University of Sydney, has much simpler advice for shoppers doing their groceries.

    "The best course of action is to wash your fruit and vegetables with soap as soon as you bring them home," he said. "Wash them with warm soapy water, just as you do your hands."

    He also added that cooking foods on a high heat would also kill the virus.

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    Default Re: Virus Transmission

    Basically viruses dont last that long on surfaces, find another thing to panic about.
    Its amazing how Potatoes give us chips,fries and Vodka.

    Get your s*** together every other vegetable.

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