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I am calm, My family is an at risk family.
5 out of 6 asthmatics, 4 out of 6 heart conditions, 1 out of 6 kidney problems.

The asthmatics are the worry, not so much the others.

HUsband has COPD and artery disease and is thin and frail now.
Despite being way younger than my mum..........

I rang doc yesterday as that night he couldn't breathe, had to get him sitting upright, sounded like death.

They gave him prednisone for 3 days and a spacer for his regular inhaler.....apparently it's more effective.
In fact she shot round and dropped it - the actual stuff, not just a script - in the letterbox 20 mins after the call.
Wow, best docs we've had. (new docs, haven't yet met them)

Anyway he is much improved, although the prednisone cranked his sugar levels up to insane.

But he's taking 4 x the insulin to compensate.

And we're not panicking about the silly virus.