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    Default Any issues with Vodafone VoLTE call quality

    SWMBO and I have Android phones. Recently we have noticed VoLTE showing up in the status bar beside the call bars. Call quality in our house has become dire - calls in and out are hopeless - we have intermittent large bursts of electronic noise obscuring the caller's voice. People we are speaking to say our calls are normal and they cannot hear the noise.

    I found a control for VoLTE under Settings/Connections and turned it off. Since then I have had two lengthy calls (one outwards and one inwards) and there has been no noise, so I am assuming VoLTE is the cause of the problem. Our ONT box and router are in our living room, from which most of our calls are made.

    Is anyone else noticing this issue?

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    Default Re: Any issues with Vodafone VoLTE call quality

    Not using it personally, But it could be your phones not compatible.

    Have a read of the following from Vodafone ( near the bottom if you want to skip all the guff).

    VoLTE capable phones and devices.

    Also check out the FAQ under that, the phones may not be enabled.
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    Default Re: Any issues with Vodafone VoLTE call quality

    Thanks wainui. My phone is not listed, but it because the control appeared following a recent system update, I thought Voda might have been out of date. I notice that they are going to provide firmware upgrades for the recent modems they have supplied - perhaps the problem is with our modem (one month old Spark modem). Despite what Voda says about the clarity of calls under 4G, our calls are mostly unintelligible, hence switching VoLTE off in the settings.

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    Default Re: Any issues with Vodafone VoLTE call quality

    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post

    Also check out the FAQ under that, the phones may not be enabled.
    Here is what it says in the FAQ:
    Is VoLTE enabled by default?

    For Samsung handset users, VoLTE is set to be default on for VoLTE capable devices, so customers with an S9 or S10 will see “VoLTE” on the top of their screen.

    This is what alerted me to the existence of VoLTE - it was showing at the top of our screens on both of our phones, but neither of them are S9 or S10. On both phones, under Settings/Connections it was enabled by default like the two listed phones. This made me think Voda's advice was out of date as far as Samsung models are concerned.

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