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Thread: $100,000,000

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    Default $100,000,000

    I've never had $100,000,000 before, especially in one note.

    LOL. Although it's not really $. It's pengos.
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    Default Re: $100,000,000

    Why did I waste money on PowerBall trying to get that many zeroes? So all I needed was Pengos instead.

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    Default Re: $100,000,000

    Not $100,000,000 but I have been in an intimate relationship with $$s figures of some magnitude.

    In the 70s I was a director of a now defunct California corporation that chartered jet cargo aircraft carrying livestock internationally. Typically, a charter cirumnavigated the globe, and typically, the charter cost exceeeded US$1M.

    These things need to be paid for and in those days, cheques were a main element of the paper trail. US Banks conventionally returned the "cancelled" cheques to the entity issuing them, by that I mean once the cheque had been honoured and the amount paid, the paper usually had a series of holes punched in it and stamped in order it could not be presented again - cancelled - and after that, it was returned to the issuer. This became part of the paper trail proving payment and satisfaction of debt between the two parties.

    So, yours truly being a sole signatory wrote out and signed a cheque for around US$1.3M ... and the bank paid out on it. (This was but one of many, but I kept one cheque for old times sake.)

    Sad to say this cheque along with some other prized personal memorabilia (including a NYC/LON Concorde ticket) suffered at the hands of a vengeful now ex-wife and became no more, retreating into the mists of time.

    I have very high hopes that seriousness is a reversible condition.

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