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    Default MSN Messenger Not Connecting

    I use Zfree and am unable to connect to MSN messenger service.

    All other websites work, however this program doesn't.

    Any solutions?

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    Default Re: MSN Messenger Not Connecting

    ...when failing to 'sign-in' to MSN Messenger do you receive a Warning Box?

    What does it say?

    What version of Messenger are you using?

    Have you used any earlier versions of Messenger on your current System - did they work?

    How is your Messenger configured?

    [for example: does it launch at start-up and run in the background; or, does it start when Outlook/Outlook Express is launched; or, do you start it manually as and when required]

    Has your Messenger ever worked, or is this a recent happening?

    If your Messenger has worked before - was this when using ZFree? (although i expect the problem is not ISP related.)

    Did i forget anything???

    Please post back...


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    Default Re: MSN Messenger Not Connecting

    MSN is working fine for me under ZFree at the moment (just checked it), so I doubt it is ISP related. What messages came up while trying to connect to MSN? Sometimes you cannot connect to MSN messenger just because its super busy.

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    Default Re: MSN Messenger Not Connecting

    When msn does not sign in I get a message 'we are unable to sign you in to .NET messenger service, possibly because of a problem with the service or with your Internet connection. Please make sure that you are connected to the internet.
    Click help button to check the current .NET service status'
    I check the .NET service status which says I am connected to the internet.

    The version of msn messenger is 4.6.0071.

    I have previously had MSN when I had win 98 but then it did not work at all with a total different problem.
    I now have win XP and I get this message.

    MSN messenger launches when I go to the start menu then programs then messenger.

    MSN has never worked with win XP.

    Please reply and thankyou for your help so far.

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    Default Re: MSN Messenger Not Connecting

    m have sometimes had the exact same error message come up and been unable to sign into messenger for several hours, Howeva once in desperation i tried signing in using another of my hotmail accounts, i got in straight away. I have tried the same trick several times since with the same result of being able to instantly access msn messenger. this trick won't get you into the hotmail account you first tried to access but at least you will be on messenger as that seems to be your main aim.

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    Default Re: MSN Messenger Not Connecting

    ...i have no experience with WindowsXP and cannot advise any further.

    However, here's a few things to note and try:

    (i) When signing in, type your sign-in name *exactly* the way it was when applying for it. Although some sign-in names are case-sensitive, some are not.

    (ii) Open your MSN Messenger's Control Panel > click 'Tools' > click 'Options' > click 'Connections' and ensure that 'proxy server' is *not* checked (enabled).

    (iii) Visit either of the following .Net/Passport sites and attempt to sign in. This will indicate if the problem is with the MSN Servers or your System:




    Sorry i am unable to assist you, Amy.


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    Default Re: MSN Messenger Not Connecting

    ...hello again, Amy,

    it would appear you are not alone with regards users of WindowsXP having problems when trying to use their Instant Messengers.

    I have just found the following item on an XP 'tweak' site which might interest you.

    Although it relates to problems with use of the ICQ Messenger, the symptoms sound similar to your own.

    Perhaps the 'fix' will work for you too.

    Worth a look???


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    Default Re: MSN Messenger Not Connecting

    i tried it but it didn't work thanks anyway

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