Hi folks,
anyone know how to fix my VLC Media Player please?

The issue is that it will not stream (play) any file directly from youtube.com

To do so I used to open the program, click Media, then Open Network Stream, then enter a URL and click the play button. When this is done now a blank screen with the VLC icon appears. no sound. no video.

I can still play files directly from my hard drive.

From an extensive internet search it seems people recommend updating your .lua or .luac file in various mysterious locations on the affected hard drive. I am not able to locate the files to download, nor do I know where to put them, and have some concerns that this "fix" dates from 2018, or in some cases 2012 while my PC has only had the issue since late last year.

Both Windows and VLC are completely up to date (according to their own update software).

Win10 64 bit PC
VLC media player 3.0.8 Vetinari

Thanks in advance