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    Default VLC Media Player not playing youtube videos

    Hi folks,
    anyone know how to fix my VLC Media Player please?

    The issue is that it will not stream (play) any file directly from

    To do so I used to open the program, click Media, then Open Network Stream, then enter a URL and click the play button. When this is done now a blank screen with the VLC icon appears. no sound. no video.

    I can still play files directly from my hard drive.

    From an extensive internet search it seems people recommend updating your .lua or .luac file in various mysterious locations on the affected hard drive. I am not able to locate the files to download, nor do I know where to put them, and have some concerns that this "fix" dates from 2018, or in some cases 2012 while my PC has only had the issue since late last year.

    Both Windows and VLC are completely up to date (according to their own update software).

    Win10 64 bit PC
    VLC media player 3.0.8 Vetinari

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: VLC Media Player not playing youtube videos

    This does not help with your VLC problem but I find that YouTube videos play just fine in Edge or any other web browser. I have not bothered with VLC for quite some time.

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    Default Re: VLC Media Player not playing youtube videos

    Have a read of the 2nd post from the VLC forums - Its Not VLC its Youtube.

    Can confirm changing the luac doesn't work - it may have in the past but not now.
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    Update / Upgrades = Replace old bugs with new ones.

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    Default Re: VLC Media Player not playing youtube videos

    No surprise really

    Youtube doesnt want you playing their vids via 3rd party apps
    They want to be able to force ads upon you , via the browser or via their own YT app.

    So YT actively work to stop/block 3rd party YT viewers & 3rd party YT downloaders. If you get it to work its only a matter of time before YT makes a change & it stops working again

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    Default Re: VLC Media Player not playing youtube videos

    Good news,

    A friend emailed me
    from there I found 2 or 3 other videos and managed to get a new luac file which I put in the appropriate place in my VLC directory and it works again !!
    Problem solved ... for now Thanks everyone for your replies.

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    Default Re: VLC Media Player not playing youtube videos

    Any modern browser will play You Tube. Kodi also plays You Tube, with no adds. Chrome, Chrome OS, & Firefox have an extension, 'enhancer for you tube' which filters out all adds & notifications. Also allows volume control with the mouse wheel, or scroll pad.

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