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    Default Linux will not boot

    Firstly thanks to those who gave me advice on how to get Linux up and running. I got RHL7.1 up and running this morning, I booted from the boot disk I had made, but now it will not load, when it runs its self test it gets to .. Checking root file system
    / contains a file system with errors, check forced
    unattached inode 86
    /: unexpected inconsistency run fsck manually (ie without -a or -p options)
    Ok does this mean I have to do a reinstall or is it saveable, as I am newbie I am thinking a reinstall may be the best option but I dont want this to happen again. thankyou in advance.
    Nigel T

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    Default Re: Linux will not boot

    It's been a while, but the messages on the screen should help.

    You need to remount the root partition R/W then run 'e2fsck /'. This will allow you to repair the filesystem.

    Hopefully the mount command is displayed for you (Debian does). Something along the lines of 'mount /dev/hda2 / rw,remount' (depending where root is of course).

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    Default Re: Linux will not boot

    First, this almost certainly happened because you did not shut down the Linux system.

    Secondly, the fix programme fsck generally works perfectly.

    Type 'man fsck' for the description if the programme, then run fsck. The boot will have left you in single user mode (as root, with the '#' prompt).

    After the fsck has run, (answer 'y' if it asks you whether to correct thbings), if it doesn't automatically go to a reboot, you can type 'reboot'.

    Remember to shut down properly -- 'Ctrl/Alt/Del' works for me ... just turn off the machine before it goes into the reboot. Otherwise, (as root) you can type 'halt' or 'reboot' to shutdown.

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