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    Default Adobat Acrobat stops working

    Hi! Adobe Acrobat stops working after showing this warning message:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please tell me the reason and solution.

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    Default Re: Adobat Acrobat stops working

    Sorry but that message means nothing in the way of clues, click on the bottom Left where it says "View Problem Details" That may give some more helpful information.

    You may need to uninstall it COMPLETELY, you can try the removal tool But with no info about OS, it may or may not work.

    Personally wont use Adobe at all these days its to annoying and there's plenty of other free PDF readers.
    Update / Upgrades = Replace old bugs with new ones.

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    Default Re: Adobat Acrobat stops working

    get rid of the pos bloated software!! - as WT says, there are plenty of pdf readers much much better - and much lighter

    foxit is just one example -

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    Default Re: Adobat Acrobat stops working

    Or your browser.

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    Default Re: Adobat Acrobat stops working

    Acrobat is hardly a stable program now , crashing is not unusual.
    Its also very slooooooow .

    Either live with it , or try something like Sumatra instead

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    Default Re: Adobat Acrobat stops working

    Either the Edge or Chrome browsers handle PDF reading perfectly well. There is no advantage installing anything else IMHO

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