I m dabbling in the world of Vmware and setup a Home Lab with the free ESXi 6.7.0 slapped onto bare metal PC

I initially setup ESXi installation on the the same HDD that has datastore which has few VMs on it. And then realized I could have run the ESXi from USB drive and just use entire HDD for data store.

So I have since added a second HDD and now want to move the VMs from first to this second HDD. Once moved, I will install ESXi on USB and if all VMs are working from second HDD, wipe the first HDD clean and use it as another datastore.

Is cloning the best way to go for moving VMs from existing HDD to the other one ? This is what i came across https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1027876

I am not sure about export function in ESXi UI as I suspect it may trip OS licensing and VMs becoming unlicensed ?

Also for the second HDD when creating the VMFS partition, can you use up entire HDD space for single datastore and free up some space in future by shrinking to create other data stores OR is this a non reversible action ?

I want to execute this right so I dont get grief in future when scaling storage. Any other pointers would be appreciated.